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12 February 21

Recent advances in cardiac regeneration

On Thursday 11 February 2021, Eurac Research hosted the second event of the INCardio project, entitled “Recent advances in cardiac regeneration"

On Thursday 11 February 2021, Eurac Research hosted the second event of the INCardio project, entitled “Recent advances in cardiac regeneration», with a programme of three presentations on recent advances in scientific research aimed at stimulating the innate regenerative response of cardiovascular tissues through different strategies.

The first talk was given by Dr Giulio Pompilio of the Monzino Cardiology Centre, who discussed the positive role of treatment with G-CSF (Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor) in patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI).

Next, Dr Serena Zacchigna from the ICGEB-International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology presented the results of the latest research on the regenerative and angiogenic capacity of the heart in adult mammals.

Finally, the third speaker was Dr Hesham Sadek from UT Southwestern Medical Center who spoke about how mechanical loading of the heart regulates cardiomyocyte proliferation.

Dr. Alessandra Rossini from Eurac Research was the host and moderator of the event, which attracted more than 80 participants from different national and international institutions

The project INCardio-Innovative Therapies for the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases, funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Interreg V-A Italy-Austria 2014-2020, intends to create a centre of excellence able to strengthen Research & Innovation capacities in the Italy-Austria cross-border area in order to promote the development of cutting-edge technologies and therapeutic approaches that can improve the conditions of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

One of its objectives is also to improve the training of researchers in the Programme area in the field of cardiovascular disorders, through seminars and workshops. In order to promote the exchange of knowledge and to share scientific results, the project partners have organised a series of online webinars open to the public.

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