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22 March 24

Relationship between dietary habits and kidney health

The latest findings from our CHRIS study

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Diagram of the analytical workflow, from estimation of dietary patterns (DPs) (Stage 1) to assessment of associations with kidney health (Stage 2).

In this study our goal was to clarify the fundamental role of dietary factors in mitigating chronic kidney disease (CKD) within a large community.

We analyzed data from 8,686 CHRIS study participants, dividing them into two groups: those without kidney disease, hypertension, or diabetes, and those with any of these conditions. Through Reduced Rank Regression (RRR), we delved into their dietary habits to understand their impact on kidney function.

Three distinct dietary patterns emerged, each showing associations with kidney outcomes. The study found that dietary patterns are more strongly associated with kidney outcomes than individual nutrients.

The dietary patterns therefore play a crucial role in influencing kidney function. This research reflects the importance of a holistic approach when providing dietary advice for disease prevention and management, which requires considering joint effects of nutrients.

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