29 November 21

Kick off meeting: project MASSIVE

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The project MASSIVE, officially starts on December, 3rd with the related kick off meeting.

The MASSIVE project will focus on the development of machine learning methods for snow cover detection over glacierized areas and glacier mass balance estimation, exploiting different sources of satellite data. These will include high and medium resolution multi-spectral images (e.g. Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3) as well as synthetic aperture radar data (e.g. Sentinel-1). The methodology will be designed and tested over in-situ monitored glaciers in Norway, Svalbard and European Alps. The project will allow to build and automatically update a consistent time-series of glacier surface mass balance and area change. These are highly valuable data for the hydropower industry, governmental agencies and the research community, e.g. to improve runoff forecast for enhanced water management (e.g. drinking water, hydropower, agriculture) and to increase the knowledge about glaciers as climate variable, their fading in a warming climate and their contribution to global sea-level rise.

More informations about the project can be found here below



Machine learning to infer surface mass balance of glaciers by means of snow cover, in-situ ...

Duration: - Funding: Other National funding (National ...

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