Multi-frequency SAR applications to the cryosphere

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The CRIOSAR project is focused on the application of multifrequency SAR data to the cryosphere with regard to natural hazards and water resources management. The overall objective of the project is the development of innovative algorithms for a better understanding of phenomena such as permafrost deformation, SAR 2-way signal extinction coefficient, snow water equivalent (from differential interferometry) and soil state (freeze/thaw).

For this purpose, data collected by different SAR sensors characterized by different frequencies will be exploited. The information collected will be integrated with data coming from other types of sensors (optical/hyperspectral, thermal, microwave radiometric and portable ground radar).

For the collection of ground data necessary for the implementation of electromagnetic models and description of physical processes, and for the validation of inversion algorithms, some test areas have been identified (2 in Italy and one in Argentina).

In particular, the CRIOSAR project will test innovative techniques for the estimation of Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) based on SAR interferometry and integrate interferometric and offset tracking techniques in different frequencies for permafrost deformation measurements. For the integration of the different approaches machine learning techniques will be applied.

Contact persons: Claudia Notarnicola and Giovanni Cuozzo

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Monitoring of snow water equivalent and snowmelt through space-borne synthetic aperture radar techniques
Pettinato S, Bovenga F, Santi E, Paloscia S, Baroni F, Belmonte A, Refice A, Argentiero I, Colombo R, Di Mauro B, Bramati G, Marin C, Cuozzo G, De Gregorio L, Notarnicola C, Callegari M, Barella R, Pasian M, Lodigiani M, Cremonese E (2022)

Conference: European Microwave Week - EuMW | Milan - Italy | 25.9.2022 - 30.9.2022

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