Earth Observation for Alpine ecosystems – Alps regional initiative

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Eco4Alps is a three-year Application project of the EO4ALPS Regional Initiative funded by the European Space Agency. Eurac Research is partner in the consortium led by Solenix, Switzerland and includes the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna. The project develops Earth Observation based services that provide information on Alpine ecosystems to address the specific requirements of national and regional stakeholders and to strengthen the regional cooperation across Alpine countries. The role of Eurac Research in the project is twofold: 1. Eurac Research is responsible for the user and stakeholder engagement in the project and aims to acquire information on user requirements and assess the service utility and uptake. 2. Eurac Research is developing three out of the overall six services: Ecosystem Mapping, Forest Disturbance and Grassland Management while the other three services Forest Phenology, Forest Fire Recovery and Grassland Abandonment are provided by BOKU. The services will be provided at a regional scale, which is possible by implementing them in an open and federated network of cloud platforms.

More information on the Eco4Alps project: More information on ESA's Earth Observation for Alpine ecosystems – Alps regional initiative:

Contact: Ruth Sonnenschein

Eco4Alps: An Earth Observation based Grassland Mowing Detection Service for the Alpine Region
Sonnenschein R, Ludwig A, Rossi M, Stellmes M (2022)

Conference: ESA Living Planet Symposium 2022 | Bonn | 23.5.2022 - 27.5.2022

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