Conservation Lab

Laboratory for ancient human remains conservation

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The Conservation Lab of human remains is dedicated to the study and manufacture of mummy preservation systems. In particular, the researchers work on special showcases tailored to the preservation and display of mummified remains in museums, storages and churches. The ultimate goal is to achieve an ideal balance of environmental and preservation parameters, that are necessary to promote the long-term conservation of the studied mummies. Through the work of this lab, the Institute already obtained two patents: the first one regards a special wax, that can seal a showcase making a perfect oxygen-free system, while the second one was obtained for a necessary “bellows”, that balances the atmospheric pressure.

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Analyses and Conservation Treatments

  • Monitoring of physical parameters such as: Temperature, Relative and absolute humidity, Water activity, Air quality, Oxygen concentration, Illuminance.
  • Reconditioning treatment of conservation parameters.
  • Anoxic treatment to disinfest moulds and bacteria.
  • Construction of supports for archival storage and handling of human remains and organic findings of historical and cultural interest (mummies, bones, artefacts etc.)
  • Realization of customized passive display cases for long-term conservation.

Assistance in Scientific Projects

  • Consulting for studies and analyses to determine the state of preservation of human remains and organic artefacts of cultural-historical interest (mummies, bones, artefacts etc.)
  • Consulting for the analysis and study of environments suitable for conservation (museums and archives).Consulting for the development and management of environmental monitoring systems.
  • Consulting for the realization of scientific photographic documentation.

The project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund