Fiumicina - Experimenting with the Sun

Fiumicina is a project in cooperation with Lungomare and part of the FLUX activities.

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  • Date: 20.06.2024, 18-20
  • Place: Lungotalvera, Bolzano-Bozen
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Fiumicina is the project by Johanna Dehio, Mascha Fehse, Johanna Padge for FLUX – River Interventions and Explorations: a multi-year programme conceived by Lungomare in which observation of and interaction with Bolzano’s river landscapes take place from various perspectives.

This special event is co-organized by Lungomare and the Institute for REgional Development of Eurac Research. The project will start in the coming weeks (in particular from 18 June with co-creation workshops) and will end in September with a Festival on the river banks. In particular, a first moment of dialogue and co-creation with some local organisations will take place on Thursday 20 June from 6 to 8 p.m. at the banks of the Talvera. On this occasion, in direct contact with the first ongoing experiments in Fiumicina, participants will be able to identify possible synergies, share reflections, ideas and proposals for the future of Fiumicina.

Fiumicina is an open kitchen on the river, a project that foresees an infrastructure in the river city of Bolzano for cooking with solar energy. Conceived on the River Talvera, Fiumicina brings people together by and with the water in a shared space that connects different beings, generations, languages, cultures and economies. Through the practical and immediate context of cooking and food preparation, Fiumicina is designed to make, the transformative power of elements such as the sun and water perceptible, with a view to rethinking a more sustainable use of resources for climate-conscious nutrition.

During the public activities, Fiumicina offers a co-creative pathway in which to explore traditional cooking techniques using solar energy, questioning the origins and sourcing of resources, and bringing different food knowledge into dialogue, so as to foster an increasingly aware and sustainable reflection on the use and preparation of food. Find out more on the dedidated page of Lungomare.


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