03 July 24

Multiple benefits of an urban project

New Eurac Research study proposes a stakeholder-centred methodological approach

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By redefining cities as integral parts of the solution to climate change, positive energy districts and climate positive circular communities offer a promising path towards promoting energy transition. But what are the overall positive impacts of an urban project?

A new scientific article published on Journal Energies by Eurac Research in collaboration with the Department of Urban and Regional Studies and Planning, Polytechnic of Turin, sets out to answer this crucial question by introducing a specific engagement and evaluation methodology. The approach involves collaborating with project partners to identify and explore the multiple benefits of each case study. The experts then tried to engage stakeholders through a questionnaire designed to gather insights on the relative importance of different benefits as perceived by each individual. Utilizing the best-worst scaling method, a survey technique that helps determine priorities, they aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the impact these projects can have.

The methodology is currently tested on the Green Deal ARV and ProLight European projects.

"The research focuses on the multiple benefits that urban and energy regeneration projects such as Positive Energy Districts and Climate Positive Circular Communities can bring to local territories and communities. We developed a unique engagement and evaluation methodology to not only identify these benefits but also to determine which ones are most important to each category of stakeholders involved in the project" says Irene Bertolami, first author of the study.

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