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Laboratory for research and industry for heat pumps systems testing

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Heat Pumps Lab© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
Heat Pumps Lab© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
heating systems tests according to standards© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
heat pumps laboratory© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
ddynamic tests on components or entire heating systems© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà

The Heat Pumps Lab is a research infrastructure available to industry, as well as researchers and developers. In the laboratory, individual heat pumps and complete systems can be tested under stationary and dynamic conditions. To this end, the laboratory allows for the establishment of variable, real-like operating conditions in a climatic chamber and a double calorimeter. The laboratory has a large climate chamber (10x6x6 m), in which heat pumps with a thermal capacity of up to 400kW can be tested. The chamber can simulate climate conditions, with temperatures varying from -20°C to 50°C and relative humidity of 10 to 95%.

Tests performed

It is possible to test heat pumps both in accordance with relevant norms and under conditions agreed with the customer, allowing heat pumps control to be checked under specific operating conditions. the indoor space can accommodate heat pump systems consisting of pumps, valves, thermal storage tanks, pipes, and control systems. The operation of an entire system can be tested under dynamic operating conditions, contemporarily reproducing heating, cooling and domestic hot water loads.

• Stationary tests for heat pumps and chillers according to norms (water/water to 400 kW- air/water to 400 kW - air/air to 20kW- water/air to 20 kW) • Tests for hot water production heat pumps according to norms • Dynamic tests for individual components (heat pumps, chillers) • Dynamic test for complete systems

Company service expertise

The Heat Pumps Lab is available to manufacturers and experts for stationary and dynamic heat pumps testing. The laboratory can be part of a collaboration between research and industry: dynamic testing, for example, is of great use during the developmental phase of a product, as it may detect possible malfunctions or inefficiencies during the part load operation, which otherwise might not be apparent until the product is in use. By using laboratories and extensive dynamic simulations, Eurac Research can assist in the development of individual components or entire heating and cooling systems, from designing the prototype, to evaluating a variety of product options, to creating a marketable product.

Testing of heat pumps for companies

  • heat pump laboratory
  • heat pump test according to standards
  • heating systems tests according to standards
  • dynamic tests on components or entire heating systems

Laboratory funded by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano


Diego Menegon

Senior ResearcherInstitute for Renewable Energy

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