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Addressing poor energy performances of public buildings is at the core of EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD), but it is also becoming a growing financial issue in central European countries. In order to address this issue, eCentral project will support key stakeholders in better understanding benefits of nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) and will prove that nZEB approach, although innovative, is an optimal and cost-effective solution for the renovation and construction of public buildings. The project aims to capitalise on results of previous and ongoing EU initiatives, to develop an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Tool for public authorities, to deploy and promote innovative financing schemes, to develop training programmes, to assist nZEB projects, to develop building renovation strategies and to establish cooperation with scientific institutions and other nZEB initiatives.

Il target nZEB negli edifici pubblici: una guida passo per passo
Paoletti G, Leghissa G (2021)
Journal article
Casa & Clima

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The Step by Step Guide for public authorities to reach the nZEB standards of public buildings
Paoletti G, Leghissa G (2020)
Journal article

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Strategie politiche e strumenti di sostegno per il raggiungimento del target nZEB
Paoletti G, Ciolli V (2020)
Journal article
Casa & Clima

Energy efficient buildings in central Europe
Paoletti G, Ciolli V (2019)

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