# Energy modelling

Eurac Research's expertise in energy system modelling

Eurac Research has developed methodologies and energy system models to better study the decarbonisation process of different European territories. This page lists some significant examples of consultancy activities and planning of sustainable energy models and policies, economic and financial assessments of sustainable energy solutions at a local, regional, national level.

Consultancy for energy planning in Ukraine2021

Eurac Research is part of an Austrian-Italian Consortium and is providing assistance on the implementation and ...

Dynamic modelling of energy scenarios for Lower Austria2019

Eurac Research developed a dynamic modelling of energy scenarios to achieve the climate and energy targets of Lower ...

Regional Energy Modelling Land Salzburg2019

The commissioned project entails the realisation of an analysis of the Salzburg Land energy system for the ...

Energy transition and carbon budget: the Italian scenario2019

Eurac Research study developing scenarios of the Italian energy system towards progressive de-carbonization

Regional Energy Modeling South Tyrol2018

Development of sustainable energy models for energy transition in Southtyrol

EPLANopt - A multi-objective optimization approach for energy scenarios2016

EPLANopt is an optimization for the EnergyPLAN software. It offers a bottom-up energy system modelling approach to find ...

# Energy modelling