Migrations & Diversities

Diversity of languages, cultures, lifestyles, traditions and religious beliefs is an integral part of our everyday lives.

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Good governance of this diversity is indispensable for a society where everyone is welcome and able to participate, regardless of their background. In South Tyrol, history, linguistic diversity, minority rights, identity, sense of belonging, and territorial autonomy are key issues both in local politics and in public discourse. Innovative and science-based approaches are needed to address growing diversity, pluralism of values and interculturality. Our combined research backgrounds and distinct fields of science enable studies deal with topics related to law, political science, sociology, anthropology, geography, linguistics and economics.

Through our innovative research, we pursue the following aims:

  • Advancement of scholarship on diversity and migration by developing theory and methodology as well as by contributing new empirical data.
  • Cross-fertilization of ideas through extensive collaboration with partner institutions in Italy, Europe and beyond.
  • Capacity-building for policymakers from the local to the European level by providing scientific analysis of current issues and practice-oriented recommendations.
  • Informing the public debate on diversity and migration through solid scientific evidence.
  • Engaging with the relevant stakeholders through reciprocal relationships at all stages of research, from development to dissemination.

Involved institutes:
Institute for Minority Rights
Institute for Comparative Federalism
Institute for Applied Linguistics
Institute for Regional Development
Institute for Earth Observation
Center for Global Mountain Safeguard Research

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Eurac Research co-organizes 8th Conference on Migration Research in Austria

Eurac Research co-organizes 8th Conference on Migration Research in Austria

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