Institute's projects


BT Beacon and Unmanned Aerial System technologies for Landslide Monitoring

Duration: August 2019 - December 2022


Testing drones in extreme environmental conditions

Duration: March 2017 - December 2020Funding:
FESR (EU funding / Project)


Feelings of warming/cooling

Duration: December 2020 - December 2021Funding:
Public institutions (Other projects /Project)


Can wearing face masks at rest and during exercise at sea-level and altitude lead to health problems? Development of face masks with increased breathability and retained microbial filter properties.

Duration: February 2021 - February 2022Funding:
Stiftungen (Other projects /Project)


Effects of hypoxia pre-conditioning on physiological responses during mountain sport activities

Duration: October 2020 - December 2022Funding:
Provincial P.-L.P. 14. Research projects (Province BZ funding /Project)

Mate Srl - Power cabinet at altitude

Industrial - Environmental tests on two power cabinets at altitude (OPP-000020)

Duration: April 2021 - April 2021Funding:
Private organisations (Other projects /Project)


Development of innovative sensors for vital signs measurement in emergency medicine

Duration: September 2018 - June 2022Funding:
FESR (EU funding / Project)


Development of a virtual reality system for integrated training experiences in terraXcube

Duration: December 2020 - December 2021Funding:
Internal funding EURAC (Project)


Test under different environmental conditions for wear measurement of prototype system for static snow containment on mountain walls

Duration: December 2021 - December 2022Funding:
Private organisations (Other projects /Project)


Maladaptive consequences of nocturnal periodic breathing at high altitude

Duration: July 2020 - December 2022Funding:
Public institutions (Other projects /Project)

ULM University

Education-Training on the effects of exposure to high altitudes on human physiology

Duration: January 2020 - October 2020Funding:
Private organisations (Other projects /Project)