Kerstin Wonisch

Kerstin Wonisch

Kerstin Wonisch

Ph.D. Student
Institute for Minority Rights

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Research Interests:

  • Rights of religious minorities and the governance of religious diversity
  • Religion, gender, and human rights
  • Islamic pluralism

Kerstin Wonisch is a PhD researcher at the Institute for Minority Rights at Eurac Research Bolzano and at the University of Graz (Austria). Holding a background in law and in religious studies, she focuses in her research on rights of religious minorities, both in international and in traditional Islamic law, on the governance of religious diversity, as well as on religion and gender. Besides, she teaches Islamic law at University of Graz. Her PhD project elaborates on the question of how to accommodate Islamic pluralism in a liberal democratic State, using Austria as an example. Kerstin Wonisch worked in the field of refugee and asylum law and migrant integration in Austria as well as in an educational project for Palestinians in Lebanese refugee camps. She has published papers, articles and book chapters on these topics and co-edited a Special Issue titled “Religious Minorities in Europe and Beyond: A Critical Appraisal in a Global Perspective” (with S. Ferrari and R. Medda-Windischer, Religions, 2021).



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