Melanie Gross

Melanie Gross

Melanie Gross

Institute for Public Management

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The Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Free University of Bolzano provided me both with fundamental knowledge in the fields of economics and marketing and with the ability to think beyond limits: to explore creative and unusual ideas that are not limited or controlled by rules or traditions. Based on this ideal, I started working in 2020 as researcher at the Institute for Public Management of Eurac Research.

My research focuses primarily on gender equality in politics and community innovation, including sustainable development of communities and cities. Outside my work at Eurac Research, I am also active on a voluntary basis in the fields of social sustainability –with a specific focus on the promotion and equality of women in the working environment.

For me, working in research and innovation is enriching and at the same time satisfying as it allows me to walk down new paths and make a small contribution to society.