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Here you will find a list of current and past events organised by our research institute.

15-16.10.2020 – XXX Convegno Ass.I.Term - Associazione Italiana per la Terminologia "Risorse e strumenti per l’elaborazione e la diffusione della terminologia" (online event)
Programme in Italian [pdf]
Conference abstracts [pdf]

27.11.2019 – Closing event of the project "One School, many languges": "Sprachenvielfalt in der Mittelschule. Ergebnisse einer Langzeitstudie zur Entwicklung mehrsprachiger Kompetenzen / Diversità linguistica nella scuola secondaria di primo grado. Risultati di uno studio longitudinale sullo sviluppo delle competenze plurilingui"
Invitation in Italian [pdf]
Invitation in German [pdf]

16-17.05.2019 – Conference of the project RepertoirePluS “The big picture: repertori linguistici – Mehrsprachigkeit einmal anders
Programme [pdf]

05-07.10.2017 -  International Conference for Learner Corpus Research: Widening the scope of learner corpus research (LCR 2017)

Programme [pdf]


05.10.2017 - Workshop "How to use TEI for the annota­tion of CMC and social media resources: a prac­tical introduction" (CLARIN UI Event)


03-04.10.2017 -  5th conference on CMC and Social Media Corpora for the Humanities (CMC-Corpora 2017)



16-17.03.2017 - Conference "Sprachkompetenzen erheben, beschreiben und fördern im Kontext von Schule und Mehrsprachigkeit"
Programme in German [pdf]
Presentations (on German language webpages)


14-15.09.2016 - 3rd Workshop on Language, Region and Identity in computer-mediated communication
Programme [pdf]


11-13.02.2016  - Conference "Lexical combinations and typified speech in a multilingual context
Programme in German [pdf]
Programme in Italian [pdf]

03-04.12.2015 - Conference "Bildungssprache im Vergleich: Sprachkompetenzen bei
Lernenden im deutschen Sprachraum" 

15.10.2015 - 2nd Workshop on Language, Region and Identity in computer-mediated communication
Programme [pdf]

06.03.2015 - Conference "Sprache und Gesellschaft im Umbruch – Deutsch in einem vielsprachigen Umfeld"
Programme [pdf]

15-19.07.2014 - XVI EURALEX International Congress (Euralex 2014) 

13.-14.06.2014 - 1st Workshop on Language, Region and Identity in computer-mediated communication
Programme [pdf]

29.07-03.08.2013 - XV International Conference of German language teachers (IDT 2013) 

01.03.2013 - Conference "Generation Facebook – Sprache und Soziale Medien" 
Programme [pdf]
Presentations (see under 2013)

08.02.2013 - Conference "Bildungssprache Deutsch an der Schnittstelle zwischen Oberschule und Universität" (KoKo project) 
Programme and abstracts [pdf]

13-14.11.2008 - Conference Lesser Used Languages and Computer Linguistics: "Combining efforts to foster computational support of minority languages" (LULCL II) 
Programme and abstracts [pdf]
Proceedings [pdf]

27-28.03.2008 - Colloquium "Corpus Tools in Teaching and Research" (Korpus Südtirol project)
Publication [pdf]

08.02.2008 - LexALP seminar on harmonisation, standardisation and language planning (LexALP project)

24-26.08.2006 - Conference "Multilingualism across Europe" (Language Bridges project)
Proceedings [pdf]
Additional Online Papers [pdf] 

27-28.10.2005 - Conference Lesser Used Languages and Computer Linguistics (LULCL I ) 
Programme and abstracts [pdf] 
Proceedings [pdf]​

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