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Free online resources

The Institute for Applied Linguistics​ offers a collection of free dictionaries (ELDIT, Elis), databases (bistro, LexALP), corpora (Korpus Südtirol, Merlin, PAISÀ, OPATCH) and several tools for the visualisation of linguistic information. The content developed at the ISCM ranges from Italian and German to the Italian sign language, from learners' language to general language and LSP, especially legal language.

Click here to see a complete list of available resources.


​Consulting, teaching, cooperation

The work carried out by the researchers of the Institute in its three main research fields provides a scientific basis for consulting and teaching activities. The ISCM offers courses and seminars for different target groups, such as translators, legal experts, public administration officials, teachers and students. The focus is on the following topics:

  • legal terminology, terminology standardisation, terminology methods and tools (e.g. TMS)
  • use of the Information system for legal terminology bistro
  • specialised translation and computer assisted translation (CAT tools)
  • multilingual knowledge management
  • dictionary skills, use of online-resources (e.g. online dictionaries like ELDIT, language corpora)
  • Common European Framework of Reference for languages, language assessment, evaluation of language acquisition (Merlin)
  • didactics of multilingualism (travelling exposition, workshops for students, teacher training courses, teaching material, scientific monitoring of school development etc.)
  • EURAC junior (interface between school and science)

The constant collaboration with different project partners at local, national and international level in the main research fields and the know-how and flexibility in project development and acquisition are important characteristics of our Institute. 

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