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  • Verena Wisthaler and Johanna Mitterhofer were awarded the first Julius Perathoner Prize of the South Tyrolean Association of Municipalities for their work on migration and integration at the local level
  • The Interreg Italy-Austria Project Diversity4Kids has been selected as finalists of the European Commission's RegioStars Awards in the "Inclusive Growth" category (2016).

  • Verena Wisthaler was awarded the Euregio Young Researchers' Award 2015 for her PhD project “Whose heimat? Inclusive and exclusive approaches to immigration in South Tyrol, Corsica, the Basque Country, Wales and Scotland”.

  • Alice Engl was awarded second place at the Euregio Young Researchers' Award 2014 for her Phd project "Developing Transnational Governance and Integration in Border Regions: The European Region Tyrol-South Tyrol-Trentino in a Comparative Perspective".

  • Johanna Mitterhofer received a prize for her presentation “Old and new minorities: perspectives on migration and identity in South Tyrol” at the fourth conference of “Graubünden forscht – Young Scientists in Contest”, organised by Academia Raetica in Davos, Switzerland.

  • The Interreg Italy-Austria Project ID-Coop was awarded the 3rd prize (Category Alps Adria) in the  Kärntner Regionalitätspreis 2013.

  • The initiative "Gib Vorurteilen keine Chance" was awarded the 3rd prize in the Cultura Socialis Prize 2013.

  • The game "Space Migrants" developed by the Interreg Project MigrAlp won the 2nd prize in the Cultura Socialis Prize 2011, 2nd in Category "Media".

  • Midas, the European Association of Daily Newspapers in Minority and Regional Languages was awarded the Barthory Prize 2009.

  • Prof. Joseph Marko was awarded the Margaretha Lupac Prize for Democracy 2006 and the Wilfried-Haslauer Prize 2000.

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