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Diversity Governance Papers (DiGoP)


What is DIGOP?

"Diversity Governance Papers (DiGoP) -Constitutional, Territorial and Societal Pluralism" is an online working paper series linked to the Research Group on “Constitutionalism and Societal Pluralism: Diversity Governance Compared ” within the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL).
The series publishes working papers from all disciplines focusing on diversity governance and exploring issues linked to constitutionalism and societal pluralism. Topics include, but are not limited to, federalism, minority rights, conflict prevention and resolution, migration, multilevel governance, local government, multi- and interculturalism, democratic/political pluralism and participatory/deliberative democracy. The series welcomes papers analysing, for instance, the division of powers among levels of government, or exploring individual policy areas, such as the environment, education, migration, social welfare, religious, linguistic and cultural diversity, cross-border cooperation as well as deliberative decision-making, financial intergovernmental relations, socio-cultural and economic participation and the role of local actors.

Who stands behind DiGoP?

DiGoP is published by the Institute for Minority Rights and the Institute for Comparative Federalism at Eurac Research, Bozen/Bolzano, Italy. It is linked to the Group on “Constitutionalism and Societal Pluralism: Diversity Governance Compared” within the International Association of Constitutional Law (IACL).

Interested in submitting a paper to DiGoP?

Please submit your paper to digop@eurac.edu, ensuring it adheres to our editorial policy and citation style (see below). We particularly encourage early stage researchers to submit their papers.

Editorial Team

Elisabeth Alber, Sergiu Constantin, Georg Grote, Karl Kössler, Petra Malfertheiner, Johanna Mitterhofer

Advisory Board

The advisory board is composed of the members of the Research Group on “Constitutionalism and Societal Pluralism: Diversity Governance Compared” within the International Association of Constitutional Law.

DiGoP Editorial Policy

Length: min. 4,000 – max. 6,000 words
Language: English (please note that DiGoP does not offer language editing services)
Peer review: All papers undergo a blind peer review process.
Citation style: OSCOLA or Harvard

Open Access Policy

DiGoP applies the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license to articles we publish. By submitting a paper for publication by DiGoP, the author agrees to have the CC BY license applied to the work. Under this Open Access license, the author agrees that others can distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon the work, even commercially, as long as the author and the original source are properly cited. This facilitates freedom in re-use and also ensures that DiGoP content can be mined without barriers for the needs of research. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/legalcode
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