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Institute for Mummy Studies


The Institute for Mummy Studies gathers and coordinates all currently available scientific data on the Iceman and various other mummies.

Founded in 2007, it also supplies new impulses for anthropological, palaeopathological, genetic and medical research. In addition, it promotes innovative techniques for mummy conservation.

The Institute for Mummy Studies​ strongly supports and promotes the use of non-and minimal invasive investigation methods, such as computer tomography, nanotechnology, molecular and biological approaches, as well as ancient DNA research.  It collaborates with several renowned universities and museums worldwide.

The creation of a mummy research centre in Bolzano was generally welcomed, in particular by those who were more or less directly involved with studies on the Iceman, not least because the Institute for Mummy Studies​ assures optimal conservation conditions for the mummy.  One of the Institute for Mummy Studies​'s tasks is gathering all available scientific data on the Iceman. This includes archaeological site material, as well as papers, notes, documentation material from research groups from all over the world.   

In Memoriam

The staff members of the Institute for Mummy Studies​ are sincerely sad for the loss of their honorary member Prof. Arthur Aufderheide, who died on August 9th 2013.
The entire scientific community in the field of mummy studies will always be most grateful to him, as well as to his beloved wife Mary, for their enormous and unique contribute to this discipline. Perhaps even more so, his wonderful humanity and generosity will be sorely missed.   




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