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SUSTALP - Evaluation of the instruments available to the European Union in respect to their effectiveness in shaping the agriculture of the Alps under ecologically sound aspects Project description Project description

Financing: EU FP4 (Project nr. ENV4-CT97-0442) |
Period: 1997 - 1999



Agriculture is the branch of economy with the greatest degree of land responsibility. Because of it and because of the important role it plays in supplying the population, it is the subject of many political ordinances and interventions. The impacts of these agro-political measures are not limited to agriculture alone, but bring about considerable side effects in the ecosystem as well. These "environmental side effects" in such highly fragile areas as mountain ecosystems are of highest significance. It was the goal of the SUSTALP Project to analyse the environmental impacts of agro-political measures and to derive from that analysis the consequences necessary to give a strategic direction to agricultural policy.

Further information will be available soon.


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