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BT Beacon and Unmanned Aerial System technologies for Landslide Monitoring

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BT Beacon and Unmanned Aerial System technologies for Landslide Monitoring
Center for Sensing Solutions, Institute for Earth Observation, terraXcube
Climate and Disaster Risk
01.09.2019 - 31.08.2021

Aim of the project is the development of a system for the automatic monitoring of landslide areas, based on Bluetooth (BT) Beacon, RFID and a multirole/multi-objective UAV.

The objective of the project is to increase the capacity to prevent landslide damage through ubiquitous and pervasive monitoring of areas subject to landslides.

The UAV will be designed to manage the beacons of the landslide movement monitoring system. The system developed can be used in risky situations (such as rock faces or slopes), allowing safe data collection and fast response times. Compared to traditional GPS, it will be characterized by low danger for operators (i.e. UAV detection), low cost, high spatial coverage (i.e. several sensors controlled in a flight). The accuracy of the sensors developed is determined by DGPS data recorded directly in the field.

The main technological idea is to use the combination of electromagnetic induction power supply with unique identification technologies, managed on the territory with UAV specifically designed and tested in order to periodically detect the position and, at the end of the monitoring period or in case of failure, correctly inform the operators to perform a recovery / replacement of the component in the field.

Tests of the monitoring system, in particular of the UAV, will be carried out both under controlled conditions and directly on site. The environmental conditions present on the measurement site can first be simulated under controlled conditions in terraXcube. In particular, the LargeCube will be equipped for testing individual components or entire machines, to verify how certain environmental parameters can influence the performance of the flight platform subsequently used in operations.

Contact person: Roberto Monsorno


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