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Pedagogical Tools on Diversity, Anti-discrimination and Minorities
Detailed Description


“Playing should be considered as the most serious-minded activity of children”

(M. de Montaigne)


In order to combat discrimination, racism, xenophobia and to address the difficulties and benefits of diversity, awareness work is of paramount importance. For this reason, the Institute for Minority Rights has developed a set of pedagogical tools on diversity, anti-discrimination and minorities aimed at young people, children, adults, teachers, educational operators, associations and youth centres. Learning in an active, playful and creative way allows participants to get in touch with anti-discrimination and diversity issues in a playful and interactive way and, at the same time, promotes social, personal and relational skills.

The Institute for Minority Rights Pedagogical Tools on diversity, anti-discrimination and minorities are:

·       Board game “The House of Common Values”

·       Role-play “Space Migrants”

·       Pedagogical toolkit “Diversity4Kids”

·       E-learning platform “Teach-D”


The Board Game: “The House of Common Values”

The Board game “The House of Common Values” allows to explore through dialogue the Common Values, as indicated in Art. 2, EU Treaty (Freedom - Democracy - Equality - Rule of law - Human rights - Minority rights - Human dignity - Pluralism - Non-discrimination - Tolerance - Justice - Solidarity - Gender equality). This pedagogical tool is available in Italian, German and English and in the digital version as well at our YouTube link.

The game “The House of Common Values” has been developed within the EUMINT Project. It also represents a valid tool to teach civic education, especially for school teachers, youth centres and reception centres for asylum seekers and refugees.

Links to the game material: 'The House of Common Values'

FB Link of EUMINT: www.facebook.com/Eumintproject

YouTube Link of EUMINT: www.youtube.com/channel/UCJNoMknDMpFmBZh3cZmIU3g


The role-play: Space Migrants

´Space migrants` is a role-play for youth, schools and youth organisations. Simulating a conflictual situation between different teams, stereotypes and prejudices emerge in Space Migrants, as well as conflicting feelings and emotions affecting inter-group relations. In the experiential activity, young participants can observe the mechanisms behind discriminations in a “protected space”. The role-play provides a practical and joyful approach to discuss relevant topics as discriminations, racism, xenophobia, while deepening cultural diversity and its advantages. The role-play is available in German and Italian. Space migrants was developed within the MigrAlp project.

http://www.eurac.edu/en/research/autonomies/minrig/projects/Pages/projectdetails.aspx?pid=6355 http://www.eurac.edu/en/research/autonomies/minrig/projects/Documents/space migrants website.pdf


Playful and educational toolkit "Diversity4Kids"

The playful and educational toolkit “Diversity4Kids” allows to explore intercultural dialogues with the younger ones. The principles of tolerance, cohabitation and diversity can be learnt while growing up: a suitable language can be found for every age-span. The tools developed for minors from 8 to 14 years old involve role-playing, theatre improvisation, biographic laboratory and specific narrative methods. The toolkit "Diversity4Kids" is available in German and Italian.



E-learning Platform Teach-D:

The Teach-D Platform (Teaching in Diversity) aims at supporting teachers, social workers and school staff to teach on diversity. The online platform provides six interactive trainings: managing diversity at school, minority rights in education, non-discrimination and equality, religious diversity, linguistic diversity, hate speech. The Handbook on Teaching in Diversity – A practical guide, including tools and resources, on how to teach diversity, how to teach in diversity and how to manage diversity” can be freely downloaded in English, Italian, German, Romanian, Polish and Bulgarian. The training material is available in English.

www.eurac.edu/en/research/projects/Pages/Teaching-in-Diversity.aspx; http://teach-d.de/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Germany-handbook-Teach-D-Final.pdf



Roberta Medda-Windischer


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