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Long-term (socio-)ecological research in the open air laboratory Matsch/Mazia Project description Project description

FinancingAutonomous Province of Bozen/Bolzano - South Tyrol 
Period: 2014-2025
Contact: Veronika Fontana
Homepage: Lter.eurac.edu



LT(S)ER is a worldwide network which collects socio-ecological data. In Europe there are app.400 sites and 100 institutions belonging to the network.

Long-term and interdisciplinary measurements are required to analyse complex global change phenomena as land use change and temperature increase which have significant impacts on biodiversity, water budget and ecosystem functioning of mountain regions. Hence, it is rather essential to combine ecological measurements, manipulative experiments and modelling activities in order to obtain an integrated comprehension of the highly interlinked ecological processes. This approach allows quantifying land use and climatic change impacts on the ecosystems of an inner-alpine catchment. All activities are aimed to cover both the spatial dimension from plot to landscape scale as well as the temporal component considering past, present and future.

Furthermore, some of the soil moisture measurements will serve for the calibration and validation of the NASA SMAP-Mission.


General objective of the LT(S)ER network is the development of a common basis for the long-term analysis and investigation of ecological processes. The world-wide integration of the concept, allows researchers to better communicate and interchange socio-ecological data and information. Besides the exploration of ecosystem processes and functions, LT(S)ER sites serve as monitoring systems for climate, resources, land-use or disturbances. This scientific basics provide the sources for the overarching aim of the LT(S)ER network which is the maintenance and sustainable development of ecosystems.


Ulrike Tappeiner
Veronika Fontana
Georg Niedrist
Stefano Della Chiesa
Lukas Egarter Vigl
Nikolaus Obojes
Erich Tasser
Alessandro Zandonai
Giacomo Bertoldi
Roberta Bottarin


International Long Term Ecological Research

Italian Long Term Ecological Research Network

Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, Faculty of Science and Technology

Platform Tyrolean Alps

Grenoble Institute of Research and Study for Prevention of Natural Hazards

University of Innsbruck, Faculty of Biology, Institute of Ecology


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