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Energy system simulation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This page lists some significant examples of consultancy activities and planning of sustainable energy models and policies, economic and financial assessments of sustainable energy solutions at a loc​al, regional and national level.

New energy system modelling

Eurac Research has developed methodologies and energy system models to better study the decarbonisation process of different European territories. In this study, researchers focused on the development of an optimization methodology to obtain Marginal Abatement Cost curves using the simulation software EnergyPLAN by the Aalborg University. The goal is to obtain robust, clear and transparent methodologies to support decision makers.​

For more information contact: MatteoGiacomo.prina@eurac.edu​​​ | Download the presentation​

Energy transition and carbon budget: the Italian scenario

Eurac Research study developing scenarios of the Italian energy system towards progressive de-carbonization. Thanks to an advanced energy system modeling, the researchers identified an Italian energy scenario for 2030 that maintains the costs of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC 2030), reducing CO2 emissions further, reaching close to 50% CO2 reduction. ​The model considers the electricity, thermal and transport sectors including production and demand on an hourly base. It shows that more than 7 billion € annually on imports of fossil fuels can be saved by implementing the de-carbonisation path. Read the report presented at the Qualenergia Forum 2019 in Rome and the technical an​ne​xes of the simulations​.​

For more information contact: MatteoGiacomo.prina@eurac.edu​​​ | ​press release


Consultancy for energy planning in Ukraine

The main target is to increase the overall share of energy from renewable energy sources in Ukraine’s gross final energy consumption and to strengthen the capacity in implementing the national policy and legislation in the area of renewable energy. Eurac Research is part of an Austrian-Italian Consortium and is providing assistance on the implementation and development of Ukraine’s plans on energy from renewable sources. 

For more info: alyona.zubaryeva@eurac.edu​ | www | press release​


​Simulation of optimal energy systems for Lower Austria 

The Austrian Land of Lower Austria commissioned energy experts from Eurac Research to simulate energy scenarios for its future. Researchers are developing innovative models that can simulate ​optimal energy systems for territory in order to reach the set climate targets: starting from current data, it shows how any territory could produce and use energy in the future. Read the rep​ort with the final simulation results and the technical annex

​For more info contact: roberto.vaccaro@eurac.edu​

Simulation of energy settings of 2050 for South Tyrol

Simulation and optimization of 25.000 sceneries for South Tyrol. Experts of Eurac Research carried out a technical evaluation of the path to reach the objectives of the South Tyrolean Climate plan. Read the report​ and the technical annexes (Annex 1 and An​nex 2).

Ask for more information: david.moser@eurac.edu​​​​


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