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EUropean Student Parliaments - EUSP project

​​ The project

The EUSP project aims at strengthening the dialogue and exchange between students and scientists, introducing students to parliamentary procedures on science and research, enabling students to form a qualified opinion and to assess complex topics, and introducing students to a European community.


When: 25-27 january 2016

Where: Eurac Research, Bolzano/Bozen



The overall topic is "The Future of the Human Being". Experts from the respective field of research will support the students to identify specific problems and questions. Participants will be divided in 5 working groups - each supported by a tutor - which deal with the following subtopics:

1. The Human Brain
The human brain has been investigated intensively for years. Experts hope for therapies against dementia illnesses, but also human thinking and feeling is a core focus. But how does our brain work? Can we really simulate our brain and thinking? And will we be able to understand and heal dementia illnesses?

2. Living and eating healthy – but how?
Organic food is ‚en vogue‘. But what is that supposed to mean? Do we better not eat meat or even animal products at all? Are genetically engineered foods dangerous for our health? Are long-term consequences to be expected? And how can we be sure what is really healthy and what isn’t?

3. Stem cells – the potential allrounders?
There would be no man or any other multicellular creature without stem cells. What are stem cells and why is their investigation this attractive – and frowned upon at the same time? How does our life change if we can direct stem cells – and how is that supposed to function at all?

4. Exploring the inside
What does our brain do while we are exercising? Imaging methods provide diagnostics of the body’s inside. The latest discovery is a high-resolutioned fluorescence microscopy. What is it capable of doing and what effect might it have for widespread diseases?

5. Imitating nature
Imitating nature through a modular system – that is what synthetic biology is about. Scientists hope for new medication and new pharmaceutical ingredients. How is that supposed to function? How can we imitate new biological pieces, gadgets or systems? And don’t we overstep the mark here?


Final Student Parliament

In July 2016, the final event of the “European Student Parliaments” will take place in Manchester as part of the EuroScience Open Forum 2016 (ESOF). Over three days, around 100 student delegates from all over Europe will discuss the topic “The Future of the Human Being”.

Six students will be selected out of the 96 participants of the local student parliament of Bolzano/Bozen. These delegates, representing Italy at the final parliament, will visit Manchester from 25-27 July 2016. The venues will be Salford University and Manchester City Council, which offers the students an authentic parliamentary atmosphere.

The students will come together in committees to discuss their ideas in the light of the resolutions adopted in the local parliaments. In expert hearings, they will receive support from international scientists in the respective fields. The students will debate on the suggestions from the committees and vote on the final resolutions.


List of the selected delegates, in alphabetical order:

  • Kevin Grüner - Realgymnasium Einstein Meran
  • Lorenza Mottinelli - Liceo Rainerum Bolzano
  • Tommaso Rapaggi - Liceo delle scienze applicate Galilei
  • Alice Ravagnani - Liceo scientifico Torricelli Bolzano
  • Philipp Rossi - Franziskanergymnasium Bozen
  • Alina Santoso - Sprachgymnasium Gandhi Meran

The delegates will be directly contacted by Eurac Research. In order to participate in the final event in Manchester, delegates and their parents/legal guardians need to accept and sign the registration, condition of participation, waiver and release of liability disclaimer forms.
Further students will be contacted as potential substitutes.

​More information available in German and Italian




For more information: francesca.taponecco@eurac.edu ​



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