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  • Project duration: June 2017 - June 2020
  • Project status: finished
  • Funding:
    Provincial P.-L.P. 14. Innovation projects (Province BZ funding /Project)

The aim of Generation F3, a project financed by the “Legge 14” programme of the Province of Bolzano, is to develop innovative concepts of learning for pupils and young adults on the topics of climate protection and climate change adaptation. There is a need for that due to the effects that measures of climate protection and climate change adaption have across different generations. It is also needed in order to enable young generations to act. According to the complexity of the challenges, the development of innovative solutions is based on inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration, which will then be implemented liaising with the different target groups. The project will generate three different types of knowledge: systems knowledge, target knowledge and transformation knowledge. The cooperation between the University of Innsbruck, EURAC and the applied research centre alpS as well as with the partner schools (three in Tyrol and three in South Tyrol) enables the generation of transformation knowledge. The pupils participating in the research-education-cooperation „Generation F3” research together with experts in the field. EURAC makes selected scientists available to project workshops to work together with the pupils and other researchers from the partner institutions.

Generation F3 allows us to communicate our knowledge about climate change impacts and climate change adaptation to pupils in an innovative way. The Institute of Earth Observation will work closely together with EURAC Junior of the Department of Scientific communication. Generation F3 enables us to learn about the ideas and perceptions of the young generation regarding climate change protection and mitigation, which helps us communicating our research activities and results to society.

Contact person: Kathrin Renner

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