Egon W. Stemle

Egon W. Stemle

Egon W. Stemle

Institute for Applied Linguistics

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I am a Cognitive Scientist: I study skills like perception, thinking, learning, and language by combining the humanistic and analytical methods of the arts and the formal sciences.

My research focus lies in the area where Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence converge.  I work on the creation, standardisation, and interoperability of tools for editing, processing, and annotating linguistic
data and enjoy working together with other scientists on their data, but I also collect or help to collect new data from the Web, from computer-mediated communication and social media, and from language learners.

I am an advocate of open science to make research and data available for others to consult or reuse in new research.

My curiosity in research is driven by the question why humans handle incomplete and – more often than not – inconsistent structured concepts just fine, whereas computational processes are often of little avail or fail completely.

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Infrastruttura digitale di risorse linguistiche per l'Alto Adige

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Internal funding EURAC (Project)

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