Thomas Streifeneder

Thomas Streifeneder

Thomas Streifeneder

Head of Institute
Institute for Regional Development

T 513 550 1740 93+


Main areas of research:

  • Economic Geography,
  • Rural & Regional Geography/Development,
  • Agricultural Geography,
  • Socio‐economy of rural/mountain regions,
  • Literary Geography,
  • Spatial Studies.

Short CV:

PD Dr. Thomas Streifeneder has been working as the head of the Institute for Regional Development of Eurac Research in Bolzano/Bozen (Italy) since 2009. After studying economic geography at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich (LMU), he got his PhD and habilitation at the Department of Geography of the LMU. In his research he deals with agricultural and socio-economic transformation processes in rural areas, focusing especially on mountain and Alpine regions. In 2018, he organized the First World Congress on Agritourism ( and has since then been actively involved in research concerning this topic. Also, he is particularly interested in literary geography and spatial literary studies. His research focuses on how rural lifestyles and economies are portrayed in prose, how exactly literature perceives them and what statements emerge from them (

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Duration: - Funding:
Central Europe 2021-2027 (EUTC / EU funding / Project)

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"Spesso, i veri esperti sono le persone colpite"

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