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Obermair H., Pechlaner H. (Editors), Eurac Research: Inventing Science
in a Region, Bolzano-Bozen, Italy: Eurac Research, 2022

Eurac Research

Viale Druso 1 / Drususallee 1

39100 Bolzano-Bozen, Italy

T +39 0471 055 055

ISBN 978-88-6839-628-2 Print version

DOI 10.57749/a924-n835 Online version

Editors: Hannes Obermair, Harald Pechlaner

Authors: Roland Benedikter, Andrea Bonoldi, Claudio Corradetti, Michael de Rachewiltz, Georg Grote, Hans Heiss, Giulia Isetti, Claudia Notarnicola, Helga Nowotny, Hannes Obermair, Stephan Ortner, Francesco Palermo, Günther Pallaver, Harald Pechlaner, Hans Karl Peterlini, Barbara Plagg,
Roland Psenner, Anna Scuttari, Ulrike Tappeiner

Online Authors: Christof Aichner, Pier Paolo Mariotti, Antje Messerschmidt, Peter Sandrini, Gabriel Toggenburg, Bart van der Heide

Scientific Coordination/Scientific Direction: Hannes Obermair, Harald Pechlaner

Project Management: Hannes Obermair, Harald Pechlaner

Coordination: Sigrid Hechensteiner

Scientific revision: Hannes Obermair, Harald Pechlaner, Michael de
Rachewiltz, Giulia Isetti

Editorial staff: Hannes Obermair, Sigrid Hechensteiner, Harald Pechlaner, Valeria von Miller, Giulia Isetti, Michael de Rachewiltz

Revision: Valentina Bergonzi, Sigrid Hechensteiner, Zoe Krueger Weisel, Valeria von Miller, Julia Reichert, Rachel Wolffe

Copy editing: Valentina Bergonzi, Michael de Rachewiltz, Sigrid Hechen­steiner, Giulia Isetti, Hannes Obermair, Julia Reichert, Valeria von Miller, Rachel Wolffe

Interviews: Barbara Baumgartner, Valentina Bergonzi, Sigrid Hechensteiner

Graphics: Alessandra Stefanut

Illustrations: Oscar Diodoro

Portrait pictures: Tiberio Sorvillo

Image editor: Annelie Bortolotti

Publisher: Athesia Buch GmbH, Bolzano-Bozen

Printing: GZH, Zagreb-Zagabria

Paper: Maestro Print, Cover Symbol Card


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