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The 5300-year-old Helicobacter pylori genome of the Iceman
Maixner, F., B. Krause-Kyora, D. Turaev, A. Herbig, M. R. Hoopmann, J. L. Hallows, U. Kusebauch, E. E. Vigl, P. Malfertheiner, F. Megraud, N. O'Sullivan, G. Cipollini, V. Coia, M. Samadelli, L. Engstrand, B. Linz, R. L. Moritz, R. Grimm, J. Krause, A. Nebel, Y. Moodley, T. Rattei and A. Zink :
Articles in journals (or newspapers)
in: Science, 351 , 2016 , 6269
, pp. 162-165
Whole mitochondrial DNA sequencing in Alpine populations and the genetic history of the Neolithic Tyrolean Iceman
Coia, V., G. Cipollini, P. Anagnostou, F. Maixner, C. Battaggia, F. Brisighelli, A. Gomez-Carballa, G. Destro Bisol, A. Salas and A. Zink :
Articles in journals (or newspapers)
in: Scientific Reports, 6 , 2016
, pp. 18932
Tuberculosis in early medieval Switzerland - osteological and molecular evidence
Cooper, C., R. Fellner, O. Heubi, F. Maixner, A. Zink and S. Losch :
Articles in journals (or newspapers)
in: Swiss Medical Weekly, 146 , 2016
, pp. w14269
A whole mitochondria analysis of the Tyrolean Iceman's leather provides insights into the animal sources of Copper Age clothing.
O'Sullivan NJ, Teasdale MD, Mattiangeli V, Maixner F, Pinhasi R, Bradley DG, Zink A :
Articles in journals (or newspapers)
in: Scientific Reports, 6 , 2016 , 31279
Tuberculosis infection in a Late-Medieval Hungarian population.
Pósa A., Maixner F., Sola C., Bereczki Z., Molnár E., Masson M., Lovász g., Wicker E., Perrin P., Dutour O., Zink A., Pálfi G. :
Articles in journals (or newspapers)
in: Tuberculosis , 2015
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