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DNA analysis reveal Ötzi´s clothing
On his head was a brown bear hat and in his hand, he held a roe deer quiver. The coat, on the other hand, was made from different parts of goat and sheep, he wore goat leggings and shoelaces of cow-leather. The hides that made up the Iceman´s clothing were a combination of five different animal species: domestic ones for the clothing, wild ones for the headdress and quiver. These results were obtained by a group of EURAC (Niall O’Sullivan, Frank Maixner, Albert Zink) researchers in Bolzano and of Dublin University College by analyzing the mitochondrial DNA of nine fragments from Ötzi's clothing.
The results of this study represent another piece of the puzzle that describes the habits and customs of the people who lived in the Alps over 5000 years ago. The presence of wild animal skins shows, for example, that Ötzi and his contemporaries did not only engage in agriculture and breeding, but they were also hunters.

The scientific paper published in Nature Scientifc Reports with details of the study is available here.

(Photo © Südtiroler Archäologiemuseum/Harald Wisthaler)



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