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The Iceman's public relations

​Public relations play an important role in the work of the Institute. The high public interest in the Iceman and other mummy findings requires a close collaboration with the press and other related media. Thereby, it is very important to take care that any information regarding the Iceman is communicated correctly and scientifically well-founded.

The aim of the Institute is to be always aware of the current status of the Iceman research and to publish new findings through the Institute. Since the Institute for Mummy Studies was formed it became possible to publish new scientific findings on the Iceman in close consultation with the involved researchers, the South Tyrolean Museum of Archaeology and the Eurac Research press office. This arrangement should be continued. Other mummy topics and research output of the Institute are communicated in a similar way.
The public relations tasks including the following aspects:

  • Publication of new research results, including the Iceman, other mummy studies, anthropology and paleopathology and conservation studies.
  • Active press support in the course of press conferences
  • Interviews for magazines, newspapers, TV and radio stations
  • Participation in documentaries
  • Reply to questions regarding the Iceman
  • Organization of public lectures and meetings
  • Popular science publications focusing on the Iceman and other mummies
  • Participation in public discussions, round tables, etc.

PERIOD: 01.01.2016 - 31.12.2019


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