Mohammad Hossein Fouladfar

Mohammad Hossein Fouladfar

Mohammad Hossein Fouladfar

PhD Student
Institute for Renewable Energy

T +39 0471 055 656


Research interests

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy management system
  • 5th generation district heating and cooling


Mohammad Hossein Fouladfar (Nickname Pouya) is a Ph.D. candidate at University of Bergamo, Italy. He is funded by Institute for Renewable Energy– EURAC. His current project is modeling and developing advanced control solutions for a small energy system based on low-temperature district heating and cooling (DHC) network with decentralized heat pumps, also known as 5th generation DHC.

Pouya is involved in the European research project REWARDHeat. The overall objective of REWARDHeat is to demonstrate a 5th generation DHC, which will be able to recover renewable and waste heat at low temperatures. Integrating multiple urban renewables and waste energy resources, developing innovative technologies for flexible use of heat, demonstrating digitalization in order to optimize the management of DHC networks, and developing business models and financial schemes are the specific objectives of this project.

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