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To counteract climate change, energy supplies must become CO2-neutral as quickly as possible. We are involved in this transformation at all levels, we collaborate with industry partners on technological innovations and advise decision-makers on setting the course for the transformation of entire systems.

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Laboratories at NOI Techpark© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
The PV Integration Lab is a facility for the integration of photovoltaic systems in buildings and grids.© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
Refurbishment of social housing in Bolzano as part of the SINFONIA Project.© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
Accelerated ageing tests and environmental stress on the charging stations produced by the South Tyrolean company Alpitronic.© Eurac Research - Annelie Bortolotti
Consultacy on conservation work on disused historic building carried out as part of the European project 3ENCULT.© Eurac Research - Florian Berger
Prefabricated façade with decentralized office air conditioning machine, designed as part of a bilateral project with Stahlbau Pichler​​. © Eurac Research - Annelie Bortolotti
The Institute provided assistance on the implementation and development of Ukraine’s plans on energy from renewable sources as part of an Austrian-Italian Consortium.© Unsplash - Philipp Katzenberger
In the Heat Pumps Lab, individual heat pumps and complete systems can be tested under stationary and dynamic conditions.© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
The Façade System Interactions Lab is designed to assess the interaction between the elements that make up a building and its interior environment.© Eurac Research - Francesco Babich
Consultancy and planning of sustainable energy models and policies at a local, regional and national level.© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà
The Hygrothermal Testing Lab performs measurements of the thermal and hygrometric properties of building materials.© Eurac Research - Ivo Corrà

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Staff members
38 with a PhD degree
Ongoing projects
43 of them with international partners
Assignments (services and consultancies)
5 of them with international agencies
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Research Groups

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Sustainable heating and cooling systems

The research group on sustainable heating and cooling systems focus on the integration of heat pump systems in a variety of applications, both in the ...

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Photovoltaic Energy Systems

The focus of the research group is set on performance and reliability of photovoltaic systems, solar resources, exploitation and mitigation of variability, PV ...

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Energy Efficient Buildings

This research group focuses on energy flexible buildings and building clusters, faҫade system concepts, architectural solutions for natural ventilation and ...

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Energy retrofit of historic buildings

This research group focuses on energy performance of historic buildings and districts, offers solutions of energy retrofit compatible with conservation, ...

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Urban and regional energy systems

The goals of the group are the sustainable energy planning and policies, spatial decision support systems, models for sustainable energy development, big data ...

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Overall energy system modelling and e-mobility

The research group deals with modeling of overall energy systems integrating different energy sources, efficiency measures and storage. Research focuses also on ...

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News & Events

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EU H2020 4RinEU - Robust and Reliable technology concepts and business models for triggering deep ...

Duration: September 2016 - June 2021Funding: Competitive Industries (Horizon ...

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Institute's Projects

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