Breaking the silence: the future of power-sharing in Belgium

02 February 2021
The police is watching...stay safe during Covid19 -

Covid-19 has not only served as an umpteenth demonstration of many of the challenges and difficulties of power-sharing in Belgium, it has also highlighted the increasingly problematic lack of a solid debate on the Belgian federation. With a seventh state reform in the pipeline and with all involved endorsing the need for solid reforms, it is time to break the silence and embark on a fundamental debate on power-sharing in Belgium – and its future.

Maxime Vandenberghe

Maxime Vandenberghe is a FWO PhD fellow at the Department of Political Science at Ghent University (2019-2023). He holds a master’s degree in Political Science - Belgian politics (2018, Ghent University). His main research interests are federalism, regionalism, and party politics, with a particular focus on Belgium. The goal of his PhD study is to map and explain communal conflicts and conflict solutions in Belgian politics (1979-2019). He cherishes foggy fields and wagging tails.


Vandenberghe, M. Breaking the silence: the future of power-sharing in Belgium.

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