Languages in Aosta Valley – An initial less conventional picture from the inside

26 October 2021
Aosta Valley - © Chantal Chandiou Chantal Chandiou

This two-episode blog article was born for two reasons. The first is that I have had several discussions with colleagues and professors about my own region, and I have often noticed puzzled reactions when I describe how Aosta Valley actually is from my insider point of view. The second is that, when I set out to study the legal and political literature on Aosta Valley, I understood those questioning stares.

The first episode provides a picture of Aosta Valley’s linguistic context by focusing on legal provisions and actual practice.

Nicolò Alessi

Nicolò Alessi is a PhD student in Public Comparative Law at the Universities of Verona and Fribourg. His research deals with the role of law in multicultural societies, focusing on the constitutional instruments for the accommodation of diversity. He has travelled all over Italy to study and has lived in many different Italian cities, but sometimes he misses the times when he worked in a hut in the mountains of Aosta Valley.


Alessi, N. Languages in Aosta Valley – An initial less conventional picture from the inside.

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