Vox Pop: Raphael from Italy

28 May 2019
Vox Pop: Raphael from Italy -

Age: 18

Country of origin: Italy

Country of residence: Italy

Profession: Highschool student


Q: How does the EU influence your day-to-day life?

A: In a very subtle way, so that it is difficult to grasp the influence of the EU immediately.


Q: When you think about the EU, what is the first picture that comes to your mind?

A: The flag.


Q: End the sentence: “Twenty years from now the EU … “

A: …will hopefully be more powerful.


Q: Choose three adjectives for the EU!

A: peace-keeping, democratic, diverse in a sense that the single countries are not always of the same opinion but still they cannot be without the others


Q: Explain the EU to an 8y old child (elementary school) in one sentence.

A: The countries of Europe joined to one group, they help each other, join their forces and call this friendship EU.


Q: If the EU was an animal, what would it be and why?

A: A bull, because Zeus transformed into a bull abducted the beautiful Europa to Europe.


Q: Is there a dish (in your country) that describes Europe best, and why?

A: A Knödel (dumpling) because many different ingredients round off.



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