Technical Guide on Action Oriented Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Planning in the Context of Climate Change

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Eurac Research is providing consultancy to the GIZ (German Development Cooperation) and in close collaboration with UNDRR (United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction) in the development of a Technical Guide on Action Oriented Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Planning in the context of Climate Change. The guide aims to support risk assessments by integrating existing methodologies and approaches of the disaster risk reduction (DRR) community and the Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) community. The guide will be informed by lessons learnt in case studies on the ground and by talks with experts in this field. The analysis of lessons learnt as well as studying existing disaster and climate risk assessment approaches, databases and tools will allow to evolve these approaches to a comprehensive assessment. We will screen existing documents, talk to case study responsibles and run expert workshops in order to collect knowledge and input and review our analysis. Outputs will be a Technical Guide, which will be the basis for a multi-media package to be hosted on the Internet. The Technical Guide is addressed for practical use by a variety of disaster risk managers and the climate risk community.

With this project we continue our successful partnership with GIZ in supporting them and the international community in further developing methods for climate risk and risk assessments.

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