22 April 24

Adaptation ST Workshop Engages Local Stakeholders

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On 22 April 2024 we were pleased to host a a successful workshop with key stakeholders at our Eurac premises. The aim of the workshop was to discuss pressing issues related to climate change resilience and adaptation in South Tyrol. The workshop brought together representatives from various sectors including forestry, business, tourism, civil defense, health, energy, spatial planning, building/living, mobility and infrastructure, water management, and education, culture & social affairs.

During the workshop, participants engaged in lively discussions, sharing insights and expertise on how climate change impacts are affecting their respective sectors in South Tyrol. The focus was on identifying challenges and collaboratively exploring adaptation strategies to build resilience and ensure the sustainability of our region.

From the Center of Climate Change and Transformation, we are delighted with the turnout and active participation from our local stakeholders. Their valuable input and expertise are crucial as we work together to develop effective adaptation strategies tailored to the unique needs of South Tyrol. The workshop marks an important step forward in our collective efforts to build a more resilient and sustainable future for this region.

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