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16 November 21

Call for Papers - European Conference on Politics and Gender

6-8 July 2022 University of Ljubljana - Panel: "Bridging gender, minority status and political participation”

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Panel Convenors: Emma Lantschner (University of Graz, AT), Verena Wisthaler & Sophia Schönthaler (EURAC Research, IT)

The discussions around Kamala Harris becoming the first female, first black and first Asian-American US vice-president highlighted once again the interconnection of gender and ethnicity with political participation.

Scholarship shows that overall women participate less in politics then men do, and once gender intersects with ethnicity, the participation gap widens even more. This is even more evident when looking at conventional forms of political participation.

Nevertheless, Latina women in the US are amongst the most politically active. Moreover, women belonging to vulnerable ethnic groups have found alternative patterns of political participation, such as International Conferences and Networks, participation in social movements, protests and demonstrations.

Yet models to analyze the effect of gender and identity on political participation have failed to meaningfully account for the ways in which the intersections of ethnicity, and gender shape the political behavior of minority women.

This panel aims at exploring this productive research area, looking at various forms of political participation of women with a minority background (ethnic background, migratory background, belonging to a national minority etc.). We ask what forms of political participation women with a minority background rely upon, including both conventional and non-conventional forms of participation, what the barriers are, and which strategies women develop to overcome those. Furthermore, we search for papers engaging with individual as well as structural and contextual factors determining women’s political participation.

Deadline for paper proposals: 30.11.2021. We appreciate early expressions of interest.

Proposals include: Title and abstract of max. 500 words, contact details of the author(s).

Proposal submissions and questions to:

More Details: see pdf below and visit the page of the European Conference on Politics and Gender (ECPG)

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