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Institute for Minority Rights

Institute for Minority Rights

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Cohesion, equal participation and minority protection are among the central challenges of a diverse society. Our interdisciplinary and international team recognizes the diversity of South Tyrolean society – its autonomy and system of minority rights - as foundation for research and point of reference to advise on minorities worldwide.

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Staff members
9 with a PhD degree
Ongoing projects
8 of them with international partners
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5 of them with international agencies

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Research Groups

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Autonomies, Boundaries and Identities

This group combines expertise in political science, law, history and anthropology. It explores the nexus between institutional government and governance ...

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Equality and Diversity in Integrated Societies

This group explores problem-oriented issues related to the comprehensive concept of "integrated society" beyond the threefold traditional categories of ...

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Politics and Actors in Societal Conflict

This group explores minority issues and societal conflicts through the lens of actors and the politics of agency. Its actor-centred research focuses on mobile ...

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News & Events

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CUTE Autonomy

ABI - Cultural and Territorial Autonomy

Duration: December 2014 - December 2022

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Institute's Projects

MAGAZINE Science Stories that Inspire

27 June 2022mobile-people-and-diverse-societies

A US-designed Migration Pact for the Americas?

Leiza Brumat


Günther Rautz

Head of Institute

Institute for Minority Rights

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