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Minorities in Conflict Settings and the Ukrainian War: between Desecuritization and Deradicalization

Public event part of the programme of the SECUREU Policy Summer School / D.Rad Hub on Minority Nationalism-

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  • Date: 08.07.2023, 11.00-12.45
  • Place: Eurac Research, Conference Hall
  • Typology: Round table
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Against the backdrop of the ongoing war in Ukraine, the roundtable aims to discuss (de)securitization and (de)radicalization processes linked to the interplay between minority nationalism, nationalizing home state, and kin-state activism.

The primary objective is to discuss the challenges related to separatist violence, extremism, and fear towards minorities in Ukraine and neighboring countries, while also considering potential strategies to overcome these real or perceived threats and (re-)establish social cohesion among majorities and minorities. The speakers will focus on several relevant questions such as: How were and are minority claims in the region instrumentalized by different stakeholders to pursue nationalist and neo-imperialist agendas? To what extent are minority groups framed and perceived as security threats? How can perceived or real feelings of injustice foster dynamics of 23 alienation and polarization contributing to violent forms of minority separatism? What is the impact of these dynamics on intergroup relations and how could securitization and radicalization processes be addressed? The roundtable is expected to bring up different perspectives and possible approaches to tackle the challenges of minority nationalism, securitization of minorities and violent extremism.



Welcome: Andrea Carlà – Eurac Research


Moderator: Roberta Medda-Windischer – Eurac Research

Speakers: Kristina Kallas – Narva College, Tartu University Hanna Vasilevich – International Centre for Ethnic and Linguistic, Diversity, Studies, Prague Benedikt Harzl – Centre for East European Law and Eurasian Studies, Graz University





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