Marco Mina

Marco Mina

Marco Mina

Senior Researcher
Institute for Alpine Environment

T 203 550 1740 93+


I am a forest ecologist interested in how to better manage our forests in a future characterized by global changes. My work aims at studying the dynamics of forest ecosystems to anticipate the potential impacts of climate, disturbance and socio-economic changes. I use simulation models of forest dynamics combined with the analysis of large-scale data to explore interactions of trees with their changing environment and forest management strategies to enhance long-term resistance and resilience at multiple scales - from stand to landscape.

Research interests

  • Forest dynamic modelling
  • Impacts of climate change and disturbances on forest ecosystems
  • Forest management, biodiversity and ecosystem services provision from temperate forests

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MonitAnt: Developing a European-level Monitoring strategy for mound building Formica Ants and ...

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Innovative Europe (Horizon Europe / EU funding / Project)

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