Service for the development of digital twins to predict environmental management scenarios through dynamic reconstruction of the Alpine environment

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  • Project duration: -
  • Project status: ongoing
  • Funding:
    FESR (EU funding / Project)
  • Institute: Center for Sensing Solutions

The EnvironTwin project aims to create a service for the development of digital twins to predict environmental management scenarios. The service enhances the offerings of the Sensor System Technology LAB and the Environmental Data Platform (EDP) data infrastructure providing research, public administration, and entrepreneurs with information on the evolutionary state, risks, and possible solutions in the agriculture, forestry and the environmental fields. The project harnesses advanced technologies like smart sensors, cloud computing, sophisticated data modeling, and visualization techniques.  The main challenges lie in acquiring high-quality data and integrating them into simulation models. The project provides a tool to understand natural phenomena affected by climate change and human interactions, predicting how they can be influenced and managed effectively. From an impact perspective, the service could efficiently simulate resource management interventions and will be demonstrated and validated using case studies from various applied research disciplines, leveraging the expertise of environmental, agronomy, and computer science specialists from the involved Eurac Research institutes. 

Contact persons: Roberto Monsorno, Abraham Mejia Aguilar 

Termoregolazione nell'ottica del Comfort Igrotermico:dall'ascolto del Proprio Corpo all'interpretazione di dati da sistemi integrati [(1) Un'indagine sulla sensibilità umana alla temperatura ambientale (2) Approccio multi-sensore per stimare il comfort termo-igrometrico nello sport in montagna].
Klimahouse (2024)

Conference: Klimahouse 2024 | Bolzano | 31.1.2024 - 4.2.2024

More information: https://www.aipnd.it/img/uploads/file/aipnd-kimahouse-bolzan ...

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Duration: - Funding: FESR (EU funding / Project)

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