Research SupportThe Research Support Office Team

The Research Support Office Team

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Eva Maria Moar

Head of the Research Support Office

• Administrative, contractual and legal issues in project management

• Partnership agreements

• Intellectual property rights

• Horizon Europe, Structural Funds, Provincial Programmes

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Maria Bellantone

• Activities and events to promote the culture, tools and policies of open science

• Open access policy development and management of open access funding routes

• Support for Horizon Europe project development around aspects related to ethics, gender, open science, research data management, and dissemination of results

• Scholarly communications, digital publishing, research impact and new research evaluation metrics

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Andrea Bianchini

• Seconded national expert to the European Commission (DG Environment)

• Alpine Convention

• European Territorial Cooperation (Interreg programmes and EU Macro-Regional Strategies)

• Environmental mainstreaming in European Structural and Investment Funds

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Valentina Callegari

• Internal financial audit of project co-funded by EC and other donors

• Administrative and financial aspects of project management

• Project budgeting

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Sergia Colli

• EC procurement rules and procedures (PRAG)

• Call for tenders

• Framework contracts

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Karina Kössler

• PhD Programme

• Legal issues: Consortium Agreements, Intellectual Property Rights

• Funding Programmes: Marie-Skłodowska Curie Actions, Erasmus+

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Erica Lavagno

• Research and Innovation in socio-economic sciences and humanities (Horizon Europe, AAL)

• International cooperation (EuropeAid, UN, T-AP)

• European Territorial Cooperation (Alpine Space, Adriatic-Ionian, Italy-Switzerland, Italy-Austria)

• Education and Training (Erasmus+)

• Competitiveness and sustaibability of SMEs (COSME)

• European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

• New European Bauhaus Initiative

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Liise Lethsalu

• Open Science and Research Data Management strategy and policy development and awareness raising

• Eurac Research Marie Sklodowska-Curie Week

• Eurac Research Ph.D. Programme

• Supporting projects pre- and post-award with Open Science, including research data management, and research ethics and integrity

• Project development in Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions and Euregio Science Fund

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Eleonora Musco

• EURAC representing office in Vienna

• Cooperation with UNEP Vienna-Secretariat Carpathian Convention(SCC)

• Cooperation activities with EU Institutions, UN Agencies, NGOs, International Organizations, Alpine Convention and research networks

• EU ERDF Transnational Cooperation Programmes (Central Europe Programme, Danube Programme, Adriatic-Ionian Programme)

• Project development

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Marco Sciortino

Project development in the fields of life science, environment, climate change, energy and mobility for:

• Horizon Europe - Pillar II and European Innovation Council

• Life 2021-2027

• PRIMA Programme

• Union Civil Protection Mechanism

• Research Südtirol/Alto Adige –Prov. BZ

• New European Bauhaus Initiative

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Annalisa Stagni

• Internal financial audit of project co-funded by EC and other donors

• Administrative and financial aspects of project management

• Project budgeting

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