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International Relations

International Relations

The work of the Research Support Office in the global network of funding agencies, academic organizations, public and government offices

Networking as Research Managers

Excellence in research management and administration requires constant learning and exchange with peers. Therefore, the RSO team is actively involved in the work of leading European networks, such as the European Association for Research and Technology Organizations (EARTO), the European Association for Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA), Research Data Alliance (RDA) and the Agency for the Promotion of European Research in Italy (APRE).

International Collaborations

The RSO fosters relations with international organizations, public and government offices, worldwide. Eurac Research has a long-standing experience in seconding national experts to the European Commission (DG Environment).

Eurac Research has representing offices in Vienna (based at the UN Environment Programme UNEP – Secreteriat of the Carpathian Convention) and Rome, from which our RSO experts ensure the increased participation of Eurac Institutes and Centers in national, European and international networks, projects and initiatives.