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Project Service

Project Service

Pre- and post-award support for research projects

The core of our activities is the pre- and post-award support to projects. The Research Support Office (RSO) helps researchers with the identification of funding opportunities, proposal preparation, grant management and call for tenders. We shape the response of Eurac Research to a changing research landscape and ensure compliance with funder requirements. The latter not only in terms of the financial issues in research projects, but also by supporting our researchers with policies around research impact, ethics and integrity, gender and Open Science.

Eurac Research participates in many of the major EU funding programmes, including the EU-Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon Europe), the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes (bilateral, transnational), the Erasmus+ Programme, Life+, EuropeAid, and many more.

Pre-award services

  • Identify sources of research funding
  • Interpret research funding call documentation
  • Collaborate in defining the strategic structure of the applications in terms of activity drafting and consortium management
  • Prepare administrative documentation required for the application
  • Formulate budgets for funding applications
  • Provide information sessions and material about funding programmes and requirements

Post-award services

  • Provide and review partnership agreements and other legal documents in collaborative projects (e.g. non-disclosure agreements)
  • Identify and provide solutions for questions related to intellectual property rights
  • Liaise with external funders and national contact points
  • Liaise with external auditors and leading project audits by external funders
  • Offer internal project audits before submitting financial reports
  • Provide solutions for questions and other issues related to the administrative and financial management of projects
  • Provide information sessions about different funding programmes implementation rules

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Ethics and research integrity

The RSO guides researchers through ethics and research integrity requirements of externally funded projects and collaborates closely with the Legal Office and the Statistics Office to develop internal guidelines and training on research ethics and integrity in Eurac Research. You can find the Eurac Research Core Ethics and Integrity Principles here.

Skills development - training

The acquisition of funding for research projects is part of the daily job of a researcher. The RSO is committed to provide all our researchers with the necessary skills to prepare and manage (externally funded) research projects. Working in close contact with our researchers, together we identify training needs for specific groups – experienced and young researchers, project managers and assistants, to improve their skills in project development and management. We offer information sessions on funding programmes, provide workshops and courses on specific topics, such as Open Science, financial reporting, project writing labs.

Call for tenders and technical assistance

Knowledge transfer is key for Eurac Research. The Research Support Office helps to transform our research results into practical solutions and activities, also through the participation in international cooperation and consultancy projects. We have been involved in implementation of several technical assistance contracts worldwide, including direct cooperation with public and private clients. We apply to international cooperation projects and consultancy services funded by international donors like the European Commission and the United Nations. We assist public authorities in the implementation of their polices, contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals at local and international level. We monitor, identify and select the most suitable call for tenders for our research institutes and support them in the offer preparation and administrative issues related to the implementation of the contracts.