The Lab

© Eurac Research | Daniele Fiorentino

The Lab

Café Bistrot

Research doesn't just happen in test tubes, microscopes or in front of computers. From time to time, everyone needs a change of scenery.

The Lab café offers space to think, chat, celebrate or simply to switch off. From a steaming, dark espresso, to cappuccino and a croissant, or an aperitif, a plate of pasta with fresh vegetables or a more formal lunch: The "Lab" has all tastes and occasions covered. In winter, a glass facades invite the sun in and allow you to let your mind wander. In summer the space opens up so you can soak up the sun and fresh air on the large terrace by the river. Drinks and food are local and fresh wherever possible. The interior and atmosphere are sustainable, open, friendly and modern.

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© Eurac Research - Daniele Fiorentino
© Eurac Research - Daniele Fiorentino
© Eurac Research - Daniele Fiorentino
© Eurac Research - Daniele Fiorentino
© Eurac Research - Daniele Fiorentino
© Eurac Research - Daniele Fiorentino
© Eurac Research - Daniele Fiorentino


The Lab is a meeting place for people from Bolzano, guests from abroad, researchers from Eurac Research. It offers:

  • coffee from the South Tyrolean coffee roastery The Alps.
  • breakfast
  • aperitif
  • lunch
  • take away service
  • Saturday matinee with live music
  • catering service
  • organization of private parties
  • special options for guests with food intolerances and allergies

Opening hours

Monday - Wednesday 7:30 - 20
Thursday 7:30 - 22
Friday 7:30 - 20
Saturday 9 - 16

Monday through Friday 7:30 - 17


© Eurac Research | Daniele Fiorentino

Sergio: business owner and man of many talents and many settings. From behind the counter, in the kitchen to the office - he can be found everywhere. When things are a bit quieter, he likes diving into the waters of Bolzano’s Lido where he swims kilometer after kilometer.

Omar: chef and full-blooded artist, a passionate musician there are few instruments he can’t play. His band I Vili even made it to Sanremo Rock in 2021.

Steven: head waiter and in-house joker. Always cheerful and good-humored, he keeps the right line ready for each of his guest’s moods.

Martina: travels the world by bike. In Bolzano, she is the bar manager who delights her guests with hot or iced drinks and her radiant smile.

Valentina: Exudes energy and joie de vivre behind the bar and brightens up even the grayest of days.

Sebastian: His friends call him the chico loco (crazy guy) as he as roots in Italy and Colombia. Sebastian tunes cars, loves tattoos and dreams of having his own pastry shop.


The Lab
Drususallee 1/Viale Druso 1
39100 - Bozen/Bolzano – Italy
T +39 351 65 44 402