Andrea Renee Leone-Pizzighella

Andrea Renee Leone-Pizzighella

Andrea Renee Leone-Pizzighella

Senior Researcher
Institute for Applied Linguistics


Research interests:

  • linguistic anthropology of education
  • educational linguistics
  • linguistic ethnography
  • classroom discourse analysis
  • language ideology
  • language-in-education policy
  • metapragmatics
  • language teaching
  • teacher training
  • secondary education

Professional background:

I am an educational linguist and discourse analyst with an interest in language practices and ideologies in education contexts. At Eurac, I am currently exploring how such ideologies and practices manifest in Italian secondary schools in Northeastern Italy via participatory action research.

Prior to my fellowship at Eurac, I spent the years of my doctoral studies researching a variety of topics including education policy, minority language revitalization, citizen sociolinguistics, metapragmatics, and language socialization. I bring this interdisciplinary background to my current research project, Stances Toward Education in Multilingual Contexts (STEMCo).

I am also fortunate to have had a brief but rich career as an adult educator, during which time I taught in contexts ranging from night school ESOL classes, to community college Italian classes, to Ivy League graduate programs. This experience is fundamental to my work in education research.


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Standpunkte zur schulischen Bildung in mehrsprachigen Kontexten

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